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Manga “Space Meshi!” (Vol. 2, Episode 9)

It was Haruka who gave up on making “Karaage-kun” a space food …!?

–I want to go to space. I want to get closer.

Haruka Kuze, the main character who gave up as an astronaut because of his short stature (Kuse Haruka) is “JAXA” (“JAXA” during job hunting.”Aiming for a universe that anyone can go to” by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)I see the catch phrase, and remember my dream.

“Space Me! (Click on the calligraphy to jump to the Amazon site)

Haruka, who joined JAXA, was assigned to “Space food development group “!

It was fine to be confused by the unknown field of “space food”, but “food”Knows that creates “happiness” for astronauts …!?

Beyond the galaxy, create the ultimate in happiness,A development struggle full of romance until it reaches the universe! “Space Me! ](Shogakukan) will be delivered as an excerpt.

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