Law enforcers found the children who hanged the dog. It happened in the Namangan region

Uzbekistan, Tashkent – AN Law enforcers found the children who hanged the dog. This happened in the Namangan region, the correspondent reports.

Recall that at the end of May in social networks spread shocking videoin which children hang a dog. Many users then wrote that the parents of these children should be seriously fined, and the children should be registered with law enforcement agencies.

The regional police department reported that the incident took place in the Chartak district of the Namangan region.

On May 24, a 6th grade student, along with his friend, a 5th grade student, took the dog out into the field, intending to leave it there. This dog caused damage to the inhabitants of the chicken coop in the courtyard of the house. However, later the children for some reason decided to hang the dog.

The process itself was videotaped by an 18-year-old teenager, who posted it in the Telegram group of his classmates. On May 27, the video went viral in TikTok, where it was posted by an 11th grade student at a local school.

The law enforcement authorities assured that the dog is alive, its condition is normal, it is under supervision.

The case was investigated, the necessary documents have already been prepared to resolve the issue of the responsibility of the perpetrators.


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