Latvia will start in the second semi-final of Eurovision, where Irish and Russian competitors will also perform

This will be the twentieth time that Latvia is participating in Eurovision. Latvia’s representative will have to fight for the final with Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Moldova, Romania, Denmark, Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Norway, Russia, the Netherlands, Croatia, Lithuania and Malta.

The first semi-final of the international Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel will take place on May 14, and the second on May 16. In total, 42 countries will take part in this year’s competition, of which 36 will compete in two semi-finals. A place in the final on 18 May is automatically secured for the so-called “big five” – ​​France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as the winner of the 2018 competition in Israel.

It has already been announced that the best artists of the first semi-final will participate in the final of the first semifinal in the final of the “Supernova 2019” on February 16 – the group “Laime Pilnīga”, Samanta Tīna, Edgars Kreilis and Aivo Oskis. Next week, on February 2, four more participants from the second will qualify for the final semi-final. Adriana Miglāne, Markus Riva, the association “Deeply Violet feat. Kozmens ”, groups“ Laika Upe ”and“ Double Faced Eels ”, Kristiāna Bumbiere, Kristīne Pastare (Peress), as well as the duo“ Carousel ”.

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