Last minute: Today’s number of cases has been announced! June 30, 2021 coronavirus table has been published! How many people died in Turkey today?

Delta plus virus has started to spread all over the world. The number of coronavirus cases is investigated every evening. Citizens want to know about the number of cases today. It aroused curiosity whether the corona table dated June 30, 2021 was published. From the official social media accounts of the Ministry of Health and Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, the coronavirus table, which includes the number of cases, the number of patients, the number of deaths, and the number of recovered patients, is announced. But how many cases today?

How many cases are there today?

The coronavirus table dated June 30, 2021 has been published. In the last 24 hours, 228 thousand 163 Kovid-19 tests were carried out in Turkey, 5 thousand 496 people tested positive, 45 people died.

Yesterday’s cases

According to the table published yesterday; 229 thousand 846 Covid-19 tests were performed, 5 thousand 846 people tested positive, 53 people died, and the number of patients was recorded as 510.

The number of seriously ill patients was 730, the number of recovering 6 thousand 536 people with the end of the Covid-19 treatment or quarantine increased to 5 million 287 thousand 94.


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