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What are its main actions?

L’Arche des Associationss it is obviously the collection and distribution of material or financial donations serving to amplify or make possible the actions of member associations and shelters.

The Ark of Associations furthermore undertakes to offer a better visibility in particular by creating partnerships with retailers to set up special collection and adoption days. But also the possibility of benefiting from stands at strategic exhibitions …

The Ark of Associations is also a way to break with isolation by regularly organizing events to always better promote the respective actions of each, meeting points to exchange and help each other.

The Ark of Associations is a field actor and on behalf of its members advocate for them. As during the confinement of March 2020 for the resumption of the adoption and throughout the year 2021 within the collective EspoAr to amend theArticle 3bis of the Animal Welfare PPL voted by the National Assembly. The Senate and the Joint Committee validated this amendment and allowed the rescue and recognition of associations of animal protection without refuge.

The Ark of Associations deploys many means to allow a increase in the skills of its member associations. As, for example, that of having better legal bases, health and sanitary through the financing of adapted training or the development of communication tools (logo, websites, etc.).

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