Langener Waldsee will be closed until further notice


Cooling off in the Langener Waldsee? Not for the time being, because it will be closed from Tuesday. The reason: Unteachable.

Visitors at the Langener Waldsee.
(Photo Archive: Kaliwoda)

LANGEN – Among other things, due to a real park chaos on the last heat weekend, the lido at Langener Waldsee will be closed from Tuesday until further notice. The city of Langen in the Offenbach district announced on Monday on its website that security could no longer be guaranteed. This had been decided together with the Langen GmbH swimming pool and hall management, police and fire brigade.

The parking lot at the pool had already been closed at the weekend and visitors had been asked to come on foot or by bike. Nonetheless, according to the city, many set out by car or motorcycle. Cars had been parked on the four-lane federal highway 44 and on forest paths, the municipality spoke of “chaotic conditions” in some cases, emergency routes were no longer passable, and the risk of forest fires was too high.

“We are sorry for the 80 percent of the visitors who behaved decently,” said Mayor Jan Werner (non-party) according to the announcement. “But unfortunately there is a clear proportion of the unteachable.”


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