Lagoon Pride! Young man wins scholarship awarded by the Washington Center

Keep. A young Lagunero was awarded a scholarship granted by the Washington Center in New York and Washington, this after applying in a call made by the government of the State of Guanajuato, where he resides and works as a teacher in a private institution.

Is about Gabriel Lozano, 30-year-old, a graduate in psychology and philosophy who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in finance and since 2018 has applied for a training scholarship from the Washington Center.

After passing a series of rigorous filters in 2019, he was selected along with 29 young more to travel to U.S and training to be able to work in multicultural environments, in a multidisciplinary and systematic way.

Now, Gabriel only hopes that the institutions give green light To be able to travel to what he says is one of the greatest opportunities of his life, as well as one more opportunity to put up the name and capacity of the lagoons in the world.


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