Lady Gaga’s dog walker admitted that he was “by a hair’s breadth from death”

Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fisher posted photos from the hospital on Instagram and talked about what happened after the abduction of the singer’s two French bulldogs, and also thanked everyone involved in the rescue of the dogs (the singer returned Koji and Gustav on February 27).

Fisher wrotethat after the attack, Lady Gaga’s third French bulldog – Miss Asia – ran up to him and was his “guardian angel”. At the time, he hoped that his “pleas” for help and an accurate description of the abducted dogs would be enough to “draw the attention of the police and the media to the search for the boys.”

He confessedthat is still undergoing rehabilitation after being “in the balance of death.” Throughout this time as a friend, Lady Gaga supported him and his family “despite the traumatic loss of children,” Fisher said. “Later I will write and say more, but the gratitude for the love that I feel from all over the Earth is enormous,” wrote Lady Gaga’s assistant.

On the evening of February 24, in downtown Los Angeles, two criminals attacked singer Lady Gaga’s dog walker. They wounded Fischer, took two French bulldogs named Koji and Gustav, and fled in a white car. The third dog, Miss Asia, managed to escape and was later found by the police. For the rescue of the dogs, Gaga offered $ 500,000.

The FBI officers who specialize in abductions were involved in the investigation of the incident, and on February 27, a woman, whose name was not disclosed for security reasons, returned Lady Gaga the abducted French bulldogs. The police continue to search for criminals.

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