“La Venenosa”, Carolina Sandoval, “lets go of the soup” on her dismissal from the Telemundo program


The presenter Carolina Sandoval, known as “La Venenosa” from the show “Suelta la Sopa”, said on Instagram on the show “El Trasnocho con Caro”, who learned of her dismissal on social media.

The news that she would no longer be on the Telemundo program, where she worked for seven years, made the headlines in various media.

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“The only truth of all the things that have said the truth is that I found out that I was no longer in the place where I was for seven years on social networks and on television,” he revealed. After that they called her on the phone to confirm the news.

«And they didn’t even send me a letter like the one they send to people when someone dies, when they break a foot… I’m telling them because you deserve it and of course we are going to talk about my topic spill the soup, “he added.

About the time she worked for the program, she said she was happy “in the time my presence was used, it is the only thing I have to say, I am not on fire. But they will know, “he concluded.

It is rumored that Telemundo’s decision to remove her from the program is related to the fact that on July 22, minutes before the airing of the space, she had received a call from the television plant to tell her that she should do the live show from the studio. , but «La Venenosa» did not arrive.

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They say she refused to attend the Telemundo Center studies for fear of contracting Covid-19 and passing it on to her mother, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s phase 2.

The host of the entertainment show, Jorge Bernal, said that during the seven years of the program they have had different colleagues and that “from now on Carolina Sandoval will not continue to be with us, her contribution to the show was enormous and our affection for her unalterable. From here we wish her the best in her future, the journey in ‘Suelta La Sopa’ continues with all of you continuing. ”

Sandoval has stated in his stories and live on Instagram that he is in legal conversations so he cannot speak clearly about his dismissal.

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“By the way ‘(by the way) my people, for reasons you will know later I cannot speak now. Obviously, if you have even been to the birth of my daughters, lunches and my trips to the bathroom, believe me, now you will be no exception. Everything in its time. “Love You! (I love). I forgot to tell them that on the menu apart from soup, we have pasta and filet mignon, among others, “said the presenter.

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