La Rassembleuse: A beer exclusive to Proco employees

Julien B. Gauthier – Journalist of the Local Journalism Initiative

In order to thank its team, Constructions Proco has launched, in collaboration with the microbrewery Le Lion Bleu, a new lager: La Rassembleuse. Exclusive to their employees, it is not sold in stores.

This is an exclusive recipe, designed specifically for Proco employees. A total of 100 cases of 24, equivalent to 1,200 liters of beer, were produced and distributed to employees on the eve of the construction holiday.

“It was to thank their employees. We know that today, the workforce is not the same as before. They found an original way to give them a pat on the back. I thought it was a great idea ”, explains the owner of the Blue Lion, Pierre Harvey, who did not hesitate to embark on the project.

Original recipe

To concoct the recipe, members of the Proco management team came to the microbrewery to taste different beers. Thus, based on the discussions and appreciations of each of the testers, the brewers turned to a lager, easy to access.

“We could have opted for a recipe that we have already produced, but we decided to create one. We introduced them to our beers to try to make them sizer. It allowed us to align ourselves with a beautiful blond beer, a thirsty lager, which descends well, easy to drink. We wanted something that is still general public, to reach everyone in the company, not just connoisseurs. We also agreed on the quantity, ”adds Pierre Harvey.

The collaboration between the two companies did not stop only at taste tests. Indeed, it is the Proco team which carried out the graphic design of the label.

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The two companies are not closing the door to collaborate again in the near future. Talks are underway to possibly brew another at the end of the summer.

Moreover, this is not the first time that the Blue Lion has partnered with organizations to create new exclusive products.

In recent months, the microbrewery has notably created beers for the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs. She wants to continue to partner to create beers on demand.

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