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The week that begins offers us a series of alternatives for enjoyment and knowledge. For example, the presentation of “Junta de voz”, a new collection of poems by Francisco Pérez Maricevich. Also the possibility of enjoying a concert by the Symphony Orchestra of the National Congress of Paraguay (OSIC), which will inaugurate the Official International Season 2022 with an international guest and a photography contest for fans.

On Tuesday, March 29, at 7:00 p.m., in a live broadcast on the fanpage of the Paraguayan Academy of the Spanish Language (, the virtual launch of “Junta de voz” will be held, a new work by the consecrated writer Francisco Pérez Maricevich. The book is part of the Academic Collection, which includes texts written by members of the Paraguayan Academy of the Spanish Language (Aparle), all of them published by Editorial Rosalba.

The writer Victorio V. Suárez refers on the back cover of the book: “Francisco Pérez Maricevich, teacher and poet, possessor of essential autonomy, returns with this collection of poems, ‘Junta de voz’, material that serves to review a world that begins in distant places, but that returns to play with excellent «exteriorist» resources those variable, mythological and historical circumstances of Paraguay. Without a doubt, this work represents the inexhaustible song, the wandering spell that confirms its validity in time”.

Maricevich was born in Asunción del Paraguay in 1937. Poet, essayist, narrator, journalist and literary critic. He graduated in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Buenos Aires (1960) and devoted many years to teaching in secondary and university institutions. He has directed cultural pages in various press media and has collaborated with other specialized publications in the country and abroad. His poetic work includes the collections of poems “Axil” (1960), “Paso de hombre” (1963), “Coplas” (1970), “Los pared fugitivos” (1983) and “La septicorde lyra” (2013).

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In narrative, he is the author of “El Coronel while I am dying” (1966), “Memory of Pascual Ruiz” (1998), his first book of short stories, and the novel “El plank that oscillates” (2015). He also published a “Small dictionary of Paraguayan literature” (1980), essays and studies on various literary and cultural themes, and two anthologies of Paraguayan short stories. Among the distinctions he obtained are the following: Notebook Contest Prize, Congress for the Freedom of Culture, 1966 and the Master of Art award, El Cabildo Cultural Center, 2016.

The Symphony Orchestra of the National Congress of Paraguay (OSIC) will inaugurate its Official International Season 2022 with a special guest, the internationally acclaimed Venezuelan oboist, based in France, Natalia Auli, who will star in a concert next Thursday, March 31. The soloist will be part of the Concert to Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the OSIC, directed by maestro Diego Sánchez Haase, scheduled for the Convention Hall of the Central Bank of Paraguay (Russian Federation and Augusto Roa Bastos, in Asunción), from 8:00 p.m. :00, with free and open access. Natalia Auli is an international star of the contemporary oboe, with numerous awards in international competitions, including the third ex-Achaean prize, as well as 4 special prizes at the 2021 Geneva Competition, including the audience award, the young audience award , the musicology student prize and an international tour of the Marie Huguenin Prize. Born in Caracas, she was introduced to the oboe through El Sistema, a program of youth orchestras from Venezuela, playing on tours in Stockholm, Lisbon, London, Munich, Toulouse, Istanbul, Milan. With this orchestra she worked with renowned conductors such as Dudamel, Rattle, Frübeck de Burgos or Baremboim. From there she was integrating several groups such as in 2014, the Teresa Carreño Symphony Orchestra of Caracas; in 2018, she at the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra as second soloist playing English horn in Baku, Barcelona, ​​Evian-les-Bains and many other cities. Since 2021, Natalia has been the second English horn soloist at the National Orchestra of Bordeaux and is part of the new generation of artists in demand to perform as a soloist and give master classes all over the world. As a soloist she has performed with the Orchester de la Suisse Romande, Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra, Ciconia Consort (Netherlands), Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela and several others. Natalia Auli plays an M2 oboe and a Marigaux English horn.

Currently, he is working on a recording project with the composer Andrés Eloy Medina, on a command of 10 pieces for oboe and different ensembles of contemporary music with traditional Venezuelan roots with the intention of making known the richness of the music of his native country and propose a new approach to the instrument. The concert has the support of the Concours de Genéve International Music Competition, Marigaux Paris and the French Embassy in Paraguay.

In this concert, the OSIC will offer a tribute to the most influential musician in the history of music, the great Johann Sebastian Bach, with two masterpieces from the Bachian repertoire: the “Ricercata” from “The musical offering”, in the famous orchestration of Anton Webern, and the “Concerto for oboe, strings and continuo BWV 1059r”, with the stellar participation of Natalia Auli as soloist. JS Bach was born in 1685, coincidentally on March 21 of the then current Julian calendar, which is equivalent to March 31 of the current Gregorian calendar. His music has been the starting point for the development of the orchestral sound of the OSIC in these 10 years of intense work. From the specialization in the work of this composer, the maestro Sánchez Haase imprinted on the musicians of the orchestra a punctilious and detailed work, especially in the field of sound articulation, achieving a sound identity that distinguishes the OSIC, a group that, in the extensive versatility of its repertoire, deals with the same solvency from ancient music to contemporary music.

Within the framework of its City Laboratory, the Alma Cívica organization invites you to participate in the Mirada Paraguaya photo contest, whose objective is to highlight natural, cultural, historical and unique elements of our country from the perspective of Paraguayans. Entrants must be over 18 years of age and can submit their photos until April 1. In a new initiative, the Alma Cívica organization launched the Mirada Paraguaya photo contest, an activity that seeks to show the beauty of our country. Participants can use cell phones or professional and semi-professional cameras. “The more than seven million Paraguayans build our country through different perspectives, each one with its particularity adds the value that helps build this beautiful nation to which we belong”, commented Patricia Melgarejo, coordinator of the Civic Soul City Laboratory. “From the organization we want to collect the greatest number of views and create a digital album from them, which allows us to publicize what is good about our country, both nationally and internationally,” concluded the coordinator.

Photos can be submitted until April 1st and winners will be announced on April 8th. Those interested in participating can complete the form and upload their photos at Jero Buman, renowned Paraguayan audiovisual director, with vast experience in audiovisual direction, cinematography and photography, will be the jury of the contest. All photographs will be uploaded to a digital album with free access to the public. The photograph must meet the minimum requirements requested in terms of image quality. The photo cannot be electronically altered, only color and luminosity corrections are allowed. The photograph must be associated with a Paraguayan city, showing natural, cultural, historical and unique elements that identify it. The winner will receive as a first prize advice on Digital Marketing Strategy for her entrepreneurship or personal brand, as well as gifts from The Gadget Store Paraguay and Maiteiblends. All contestants will receive gifts for participation, consisting of a cell phone photography course pack at Domestika (

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