La Jornada – With measures against the pandemic, child cyberbullying increased

In a global pandemic context, in which efforts have been focused on stopping the spread of Covid-19, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) warns that one in two children under the age of 17 years in the world continues to suffer physical, sexual or psychological violence.

The Global Status Report on the Prevention of Violence against Children 2020 highlights that in 2017, 40,150 children under 18 years of age were victims of homicide, while 32 percent of students between 11 and 15 years of age have suffered bullying.

Likewise, with the closure of schools, “there was an increase in violence and hatred online,” which includes cyberbullying, risky behavior and sexual exploitation.

The document, prepared jointly by the World Health Organization, the Child Protection Fund, UNESCO and the World Alliance to End Violence against Children, reveals that while 88 percent of 155 countries analyzed They have legislation to protect children from violence, only 47 percent apply them forcefully.

The states have regulations to prevent violence against minors, but they do not allocate sufficient resources for the development of comprehensive actions, and compliance with essential regulations such as the prohibition of children and adolescents from being exposed to firearms and alcohol is not guaranteed.

He adds that emotional violence affects one in three children, and one in four lives with a mother whose partner violates her. The pandemic and the measures applied to seek its control, emphasizes the report, “have greatly influenced the prevalence of acts of violence against children and, most likely, it will have long-lasting adverse consequences.”

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