La Jornada – Comprehensive sexual education should be a priority in schools: SG

Mexico City. The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, affirmed that in this return to face-to-face classes, comprehensive sexuality education must take priority, so it is necessary to work in coordination so that schools are safe spaces.

At the head of the XXIV Ordinary Meeting of the Inter-Institutional Group for the Prevention of Pregnancy in Adolescents (GIPEA), organized by the general secretary of the National Population Council (SG Conapo) in coordination with the National Institute of Women (Inmujeres), he highlighted the importance of the constitutional mandate to incorporate comprehensive sexuality education into curricula and programs.

The goal is for schools to be places of empowerment, where they acquire tools to build respectful and egalitarian relationships free of violence, where positive forms of new masculinities can be adopted.

During his participation, he called on all the institutions present to continue their important and committed work on the National Strategy for the Prevention of Pregnancy in Adolescents (Enapea).

“It is not only possible, it is necessary to postpone the age of pregnancy, extend the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights and facilitate social mobility, guaranteeing the development and realization of the dreams of all girls, boys and adolescents in Mexico.”

He recognized the importance of the progress made with the preparation of a Framework Document that will complement a new scaffolding adopted in December 2020, for which he welcomed the development of instruments to monitor the operation of Enapea, as part of the intersectoral articulation effort.

Likewise, it recognized that with the actions aimed at indigenous, Afro-Mexican and rural populations, whose rights have historically been relegated, a debt of the Mexican State is being addressed.

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For her part, the general secretary of Conapo, Gabriela Rodríguez Ramírez, emphasized that with the adoption of the Enapea Framework Document 2021-2024, during this session, an important step is taken in the reorientation process that began with a decalogue of commitments issued by the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, in December 2019.


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