La Casa de Papel: They leaked images of the filming of the fifth season!


The fifth season of La Casa de Papel is already being shot. Definitely a light for fans of the hit Netflix series, amid a pandemic that has paralyzed hundreds of productions. After learning that “the robbery comes to an end”, the first images of the filming were leaked on social networks.

In the photos it is observed that the main scene of the recordings is Copenhagen, Denmark. And according to the producer, this new and latest installment will have 10 chapters.

The series has definitely become a worldwide phenomenon. So much so that the craze for Dalí masks and red overalls is so rampant that fans have been true spies.

There are those who have captured some moments of the filming and you can see the new faces of LCDP such as Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. So far not many details are known about them but speculations in networks suggest that -the latter- will play the son of Berlin.

In addition, in the leaked photos of the shoot you can see Perdro Alonso (Berlin) in the Danish capital and even driving a boat on a river. Next to him appears Criado hiding his face. In others Luka Peros is seen, who plays Marseille, dressed elegantly accompanied by the previous ones in what seems like a celebration.


Tatiana, the Professor’s brother’s wife, played by Diana Gómez, has also been seen. She appeared dressed in black with a Dalmatian dog.

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