”la Caixa” Foundation launches a campaign on quality education

The new campaign of ”la Caixa” Foundation has the objective of positioning the entity in the field of education under the message “Tomorrow’s world depends on today’s education”.

After a first action focused on the figure of the teacherin this new launch the gaze is set on the students with the testimony of Real cases of families of students who won the latest edition of ‘The Challenge‘ of EduCaixathe program that drives educational change.

‘The Challenge’ is an opportunity to boost the young talent and motivate students to continue growing in transversal skills and specific. Aimed at 3rd and 4th grade students ESO and Baccalaureate‘The Challenge’ seeks to get them to commit to the challenges of the future and get involved in a change project that brings everyone closer to Sustainable Development Goalsturning them into ‘worldshakers‘: young talents committed to the problems of our time, with the desire and ability to participate in the necessary social change.

‘The Challenge’ wants to contribute to a quality education based on challenges in which students and teachers develop significant learning, improve their skills and approach real contexts. And it does so by highlighting the 4Cs as a key lever for change in the classroom: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration y communication. The 4Cs are concepts that promote skills that all students need to develop their potential:

The Critical thinking promotes the argumentation and allows to extract conclusions. The creativity is essential to deal with Problem resolution and in the acquisition of the concept of innovationessential in the development of any child.

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Refering to collaborationencourage the teamwork between the different actors of the educational community allows extracting the best talents both students and teachers. Lastly, the communication with the correct use of language is the most effective way to transmit knowledge in a dynamic way and according to our times.

Featured projects

Among the projects of The Challenge, the application Blood Brosdeveloped by Luis Neira, a student at the El Prado school in Madrid. Blood Bros users will receive notifications about the blood donation needs that have the closest hospitals and points where you can donate.

After donating blood, the user will get a certain amount of bloopsthe virtual currencies of Blood Bros, with which you can get rewards and discounts at local businesses and associated restaurants.

Blood Bros has been one of the 100 best projects selected by The Challenge to participate in the face-to-face Campus in Barcelona. From this call, the 20 best projects managed to travel to Silicon Valley. All Campus participants have the opportunity to submit their ideas to the NEXT incubator, where they can take their projects further and develop them in the real world.

Improve student opportunities

The Challenge is an initiative of EduCaixathe ”la Caixa” Foundation program dedicated to improving learning opportunities of boys and girls and young people in their school stage and, with it, their chances of Personal development in the 21st century society.

Through EduCaixa, the ”la Caixa” Foundation supports students and researchers with the greatest potential so that they can be trained in best universities and research centers around the world, through the Scholarship program.

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The entity understands education as one of the most relevant social engines and that, as established by the United Nations Development Program, “Access to universal quality education is the means to guarantee sustainable development”.

For this reason, the ”la Caixa” Foundation provides school management teams, teachers and students multiple resources to do the richer, more meaningful and more comprehensive learningthrough a wide variety of educational resources and activities, of proven efficiency, aimed at promoting competence development of students and promote teacher training in methodologies and contents that favor the educational transformationplacing special emphasis on leadership for student learning.

The Challenge is EduCaixa’s great commitment to giving today’s young people the necessary tools to develop their ideas and participate in fight for a better world.

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