L1: Angers 1-1 Metz (finished)


Despite a slight improvement in the second half, Angers conceded a logical draw at home against Metz (1-1) this Sunday as part of the 7th day of Ligue 1.

Despite the tenure of recruits Boufal and Amadou, the Angevins were struggling to build the game. Opposite, Frédéric Antonetti’s men, back on the bench, took the opportunity to take control of the ball and get several shots. set foot failing to be really dangerous, except for a disputed contact on the twirling Gueye in the Angers area.

In difficulty against the pressing Metz, the SCO had difficulty breathing and Stéphane Moulin fumed at the edge of the field. But the technician was smiling again when Boufal, hooked by Boye, obtained a penalty that Mangani transformed by taking Oukidja on the wrong foot (1-0, 38 ‘). A short-lived joy because Metz immediately equalized on a recovery of the thigh from Nguette at close range on a cross from Gueye (1-1, 39th). A well-deserved equalization for visitors.

Despite the simultaneous entries of Manceau, Ebosse and Cabot, the Angevins were hardly more attractive when they returned from the locker room, and we had to wait for the hour of play to see Cabot worrying Oukidja, author of a beautiful parade. Slowly paced, the end of the match was mainly marked by concerns about Boye, forced to give up his place after being the victim of an involuntary load from Fulgini in the lower back. In the last moments, Oukidja and Bernardoni pulled out two big saves to preserve this fairly logical draw.

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