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Kim Sat and his son went to Osumi to study accommodation.
I couldn’t go on a school trip due to the influence of Corona, so the teachers planned a trip in the prefecture.
Nice accommodation with a beach in front of you.
It was a story that you shouldn’t swim, but there was a lot of wet clothes in the plastic bag …
W hy? (laugh)
It seemed to be fun and above all.
I slept without waking up to the loneliness! (Although it was awakened by the cats at 5 o’clock)

And Sunday is another baseball practice game.
The whole family overslept and was in a hurry … Only 10 minutes before my son’s departure time.
Besides, my second son said he didn’t want to go and went to bed again …
You’re not in the baseball club (laughs)
That’s why I’m an answering machine alone.
I really wanted to wash during the precious rainy season! !!
Write down, “If you don’t take in the laundry, I’ll definitely bring you baseball next time” (laughs)
As a result, it seems that my eldest son’s friend came to play and everyone adopted it …
Full of plunge points.

The eldest son is a baseball game → Eiken → baseball game and full activity (laughs)
I finished shopping and lunch while my eldest son was taking an Eiken exam (No ∀ ゚) Nohe

The eldest son of full activity like this, I passed the Shinkansen twice last week and went to Kumamoto (laugh) I have to manage my physical condition well …

The May column of Rurubu & more has been updated.

I made a simple rare cheese that I just mixed more and more.
It’s fun to make gradation ♡ The moment of cutting is also fun.

Please make it if you like.

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Somehow, it’s hot and humid, it’s chilly, and the weather is strange every day, but it’s definitely heading for summer …
I’m still wearing a duvet.

Rakuten shopping marathon, it’s time to start ♡ Today’s entry is 5 times more points!
I bought a cooler box for baseball (laughs) (now)
↓ Door of desire ↓


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