Kunling is in good condition after giving birth to 3 babies and admits that he will not have any more children | Postpartum comeback | In good condition | Jay Chou

Beijing time:2022-08-06 01:50

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time on August 06, 2022]Kunling, 28, announced the birth of their youngest daughter Jacinda with Jay Chou (Chou Dong) in early May, and she was also promoted to be a mother of 3 children. After giving birth, Kunling came back in good condition. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, she admitted that she should not have another child.

After becoming a 3-baby mother, Kunling admitted that time was compressed. In the face of prenatal care and postpartum recovery, she said that she didn’t really need any recovery period, but taking care of the three children one after another often left her with little skills. Only when three children fall asleep at the same time can she take good care of her. Now she cares about maintenance every day, and pays more attention to prevention, especially the fear of developing crow’s feet.

Kunling revealed that she gave birth to her third confinement child, which was much more serious than the second one before her birth. She shared: “Confinement confinement will have a round confinement face, and you need to do more massage. This child has done every detail, because it should not regenerate.”

Kunling, who has always attached great importance to protecting the privacy of her children, recently released a super clear frontal photo of her youngest daughter when she announced that she would become a 3-baby mother not long ago. This is the first time the Kunling couple has released a frontal photo of the child, which has attracted many netizens to laugh and say, “Finally, I’m not looking at the back of the head.” Because neither the daughter “Hathaway” nor the son “Romeo” have ever been publicly revealed by their parents before.

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Not long ago, Kunling had just given her little daughter’s full moon gift box to her relatives and friends, so she posted a dynamic post on IG for a limited time, and posted a full-body photo of herself wearing a narrow skirt and taking a selfie in the mirror. With her long hair tied up, she looks neat, ruddy, and in good condition. Many netizens were surprised at how quickly her figure recovered and exclaimed, “I can’t tell that it’s not long before I give birth.”

“Xiao Zhouzhou” (Hathaway) turned 7 this year, the age of curiosity about her mother’s beauty products. Kunling revealed in an earlier interview that “Little Zhou Zhou” has long been fond of jewelry, and often wears her mother’s jewelry on her body, but Jay Chou is afraid that her daughter will lose valuable jewelry, so she is very nervous every time, chasing after her daughter. run.

Kunling said that she will now teach her daughter “Little Zhou Zhou” maintenance in a “half coaxing” way, and said with a smile: “Tell her to close her eyes when she’s making a face, she will slowly fall asleep, and she will be scared. Opening her eyes will cause wrinkles, and she will fall asleep after wiping her face.” In addition, Kunling will also help Jay Chou find skin care products, revealing that Jay Chou is a person who is very afraid of greasy, so she will try to find some as much as possible. Skin care products he can accept.

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