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Photo: dpa / Andreas Arnold

Kevin Kühnert aspires to the Bundestag. For the next federal election, he wanted to run for the SPD in Berlin’s Tempelhof-Schöneberg constituency – the district executive had benevolently taken up his plan, the Juso chairman now announced publicly. It was only in November of last year that he was re-elected chairman of the Young Socialists, practically in parallel with his election as deputy chairman of the party executive. The planned election of the next Juso top now has to be brought forward by one year – Kühnert wants to leave in November.

He expects that Kühnert will find broad support in the district association, said SPD district chief Lars Rauchfuß on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. At the constituency conference in November, he could be elected as a direct SPD candidate. Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller was also elected here in the district as a candidate for the House of Representatives election. That could only be a problem if Müller also wanted to run for the Bundestag. Rauchfuss has revealed that there have been several discussions with Müller and Kühnert recently.

To aspire to the Bundestag is the right and understandable for everyone who has big plans in politics. Kevin Kühnert’s project, however, at least raises the question: Why is he giving up the chair for the Jusos prematurely? In order to create the best possible starting conditions for the successor, to lead a closed youth association for the Bundestag election? At any rate, they deserved to “put their own stamp on the SPD election campaign,” said Kühnert.

But not even the 31-year-old should be so selfless, who often feels a little embarrassed when enthusiastic supporters offer him their exuberant sympathy and at the same time exuberant expectations of his future role at the top of the SPD. His own explanations for the early withdrawal from the top of Juso sound like it was formulated in Kühnertscher manner, without revealing anything. You don’t put political offices in the showcase like trophies or trophies, he said. Even without him, the Jusos are the most powerful youth organization in Germany. And for a success in the Bundestag election, every SPD member must get involved in the right place in the best possible way. As a member of the Bundestag, he can do this best. So the agencies quoted him. He left the question of the “nd” for his reason unanswered.

Not long ago, Kühnert was heard talking about a necessary new start for the SPD. With the dewy leadership duo Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans this should succeed. That was the time of the “NoGroko” campaign, when the SPD’s young socialists played out vigorously and Kühnert was their clock. The time when the Juso boss spoke about the need for socialization and targeted a company like BMW because the rhetorical opponent couldn’t be big enough. At the end of last year, the two chairmen prevailed, not least thanks to the support of the Young Socialists, against the competitor teams for the party leadership. Kevin Kühnert became deputy party chairman. And when all of this had actually been achieved, the call for an end to the grand coalition was postponed and replaced by talks about projects under the coalition agreement – with the result that the basic pension, from its initially planned scope, already had only one holey cheese left at that point was announced with renewed determination. Furthermore, energy policy was declared a coalition focus and government investment was envisaged, which at that time, however, nobody suspected would be far outshone by the actual emergency programs in the corona crisis.

In any case, Kevin Kühnert has long since crossed the paths of the grand coalitioners and possibly occasionally on the blade with one of them. Wherever the course is decided between Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is unloved by Kühnert, and Group leader Rolf Mützenich, who recently caused a sensation with surprising demands, for example, for the withdrawal of American nuclear weapons from Germany, a new field of self-fulfillment will surely open up for Kühnert. “I would also like to move the change that we as Jusos initiated into the SPD parliamentary group and into parliament,” he said.


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