Kugou adapts to the lock screen component of iOS16, did not expect to be able to play like this? – IT House

Recently, the topic #super 23% of iPhone users upgrade iOS16# rushed to Sina’s hot search. According to the latest data from analytics firm Mixpanel, iOS 16 is already installed on 23.26% of iPhones. iOS 16 is Apple’s latest system. Since the update, its lock screen desktop widgets have been played by everyone! Among them, Kugou Music and Kugou Music concept version are the first batches to be launched to adapt to the iOS 16 system lock. It is a domestic music platform for screen components, and its multiple component functions are also popular and used by many Apple enthusiasts.

According to reports, Kugou has launched more than 10 functions of the lock screen component for iOS 16, including “listening to songs”, “song search”, “daily song recommendation”, “guess what you like” and “local music”. At the same time, there are many “sports modes” that “Liu Genghong girls and boys” like.

Many friends who have already used the Kugou lock screen component said: They will cry because of the beauty of Kugou’s component design. If you don’t believe me, see: The crystal record has a fixed style, refreshing and crystal clear sea salt blue ~ the color of the color record changes with the cover, and you can have both texture and beauty!

Friends, just rush to this face value, let’s update it quickly~

How to update? It is understood that after updating iOS 16, users can complete the relevant installation operations by long-pressing the widget area on the lock screen: After entering the component editing state, click “Custom”, pull up the “Add Widget” overlay, and then Select “Kugou Music”, and finally, in the “Kugou Music” widget overlay, you can preview and select the widget to be added, click “Finish”, and click “Set as wallpaper” to set successfully.

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Without further ado, let’s use Kugou’s “super textured” lock screen components together~

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