Koyama Astronomical Observatory Partial Lunar Eclipse Observatory Held | Kyoto Sangyo University

Partial lunar eclipse (credit: Kyoto Sangyo University).
You can see that it is colored red and black.

On Friday, November 19, 2021, a partial lunar eclipse observation party was held at Koyama Astronomical Observatory. The visit-type partial lunar eclipse observation party was held by a capacity reservation system after taking measures to prevent infectious diseases, and about 25 students and faculty members of the university participated. For those who cannot come to the venue, we also broadcast live on the YouTube channel of Koyama Astronomical Observatory.

We were blessed with fine weather on the day, and from the rooftop of Koyama Astronomical Observatory, we heard a commentary by Professor Akika Nakamichi of the Moon, which turned red and black near the maximum of food, and then the appearance of the moon changed. I observed while observing.
Participants commented, “I was impressed to see the lunar eclipse for the first time” and “I am glad that I could see it with the commentary by Professor Nakamichi.”

Students from the Koyama Astronomical Observatory Support Team will also participate in the operation of this on-campus observation party, and will be in charge of operating the astronomical telescope on the rooftop, explaining astronomical objects, responding to online distribution, guiding the inside of the building, etc. I did.

At Koyama Astronomical Observatory, we will continue to hold visit-type and online astronomical observation meetings and astronomy-related courses.

Koyama Astronomical Observatory Support Team

The Kamiyama Astronomical Observatory Support Team is a student organization that aims to revitalize the activities of the Kamiyama Astronomical Observatory. Through various projects where you can experience astronomy, we are working every day to make Koyama Astronomical Observatory more widely known to as many people as possible and to popularize astronomy.
The Koyama Astronomical Observatory Support Team is currently recruiting active members! Please feel free to contact Koyama Astronomical Observatory.

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