Kočner was accused of plotting to assassinate three prosecutors

Žilinka is currently the Attorney General of the Slovak Republic, Lipšic is the Head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and Šufliarsky is the Prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

“I have information from the investigator that the investigation should be in the final phase,” Supreme Prosecutor Michal Šúrek told Denník N.

Kočner was to place an order for the murder of three prosecutors before the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová in February 2018. In mid-June this year, the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic overturned the acquittal of a specialized court over Kočner and Alena Zsuzsová in the case of the murder of a journalist and his fiancée. The case will be returned to a specialized court in Pezinok.

Lipšic was in a dispute with Kočner for many years, when he represented people whom the businessman had deceived. Žilinka issued an instruction to accuse Kočner in the Donovaly economic case, which involved VAT fraud. Ján Kuciak also wrote about this case. Šufliarsky was the Deputy Attorney General, and according to Kočner’s communication through the Threem application, he refused to proceed in a way that suited the influential businessman. “Kočner wanted to replace him with second deputy René Vanek, on whom he had compromising material in the form of intimate communication with Zsuzs,” said Denník N.

Kočner was sentenced to a 19-year sentence in the case of a multimillion-dollar fraud with Markíza television bills. Zsuzs is in pre-trial detention for the preparation of the murders of three prosecutors, which she was to prepare on Kočner’s order.

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