KNPB Timika chief detained for giving separatist groups with ammunition

Without a doubt, the head of the KNPB liable for Timika (abbreviated as YA) was arrested on suspicion of providing ammunition to an armed legal team (KKB).

Jayapura (Antara), Papua – A joint crew of stability personnel arrested the head of the West Papua National Council (KNPB) for Timika on Friday night for his alleged involvement in the provide of ammunition to an armed Papuan legal group.

The joint workforce is made up of staff from the Damai Katenz Law Enforcement Endeavor Power and the Mimika Vacation resort Law enforcement

Chief of the Papua Basic Criminal Investigation Bureau “Indeed, the KNPB dependable for the head of Timika, initials YA, was arrested on suspicion of providing ammunition to an armed prison team (KKB),” claimed Significant Police Commissioner Faizal Rahmadani.

He added that YA was under investigation at the Mimika Resort Police Station in Timika, Papua.

In Oct 2021, Mimika Law enforcement and the Nemangkawi Counter Terrorism Endeavor Power investigated an ammunition cache of 600 5.56mm bullets identified in Timika, suspected to be for Papuan separatist groups.

At minimum 4 folks have been arrested in excess of the discovery of ammunition.

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