Kirkorov starred with Grachevsky in “Jumble”


In the near future, the pop king will be able to see the audience.

Grachevsky involved in “Jumble” Kirkorov / http: //

Boris Grachevsky, artistic director of the Yeralash newsreel, said that in one of the new releases, the pop king of the national stage Philip Kirkorov will appear before the public.

“On the set of the plot” Jumble “! Starring the great Philip Kirkorov! ”

Boris Grachevsky

In the published frames, you can see Kirkorov, who, apparently, is very glad that he was entrusted with the role.

“Here are my heroes. Here is Boris Grachevsky. Here is the main director. Well, beauty, what’s your name? ” Asked one of the girls, Kirkorov, who was probably involved with him in the new series.

“We are looking forward to a series with Philip”, “It will be a fiery action” “Philip in the Jumble!” What could be better? ” – noted in the comments of users.

Recall that Boris Grachevsky has been the head of the Yeralash newsreel for many years. In some issues, he uses stars of domestic show business and famous actors.


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