“King of Dogs” will leave Yakutsk

Today, Zarema posted a joyful video of how they took a huge dog from the detention center, called on social networks “the king of dogs in Yakutsk.” “Look how kind he is,” the guys say and hug the dog. The news caused a flurry of joy in animal protection publics. And a bunch of hate in the news resources, where the woman was hounded. She announced this on social media. “In all the news they write about us and curse,” she commented on the words of the haters.

This big dog was caught in the streets by catchers, and they could not cope with him in any way. As a result, he gnawed through the tarpaulin on the car. In public, the dog was branded a “killer”, deciding because of its awesome size that it was he who attacked the woman. Although, judging by the video of the attack, the pack of dogs from the AGATU area was about the same average size.

The national media are not far behind. “In Yakutia, they sheltered the “King of all dogs” – a huge homeless dog who kept the whole city in fear. The new owners were not even stopped by the fact that with his pack this dog bit one of the residents to death,” @izvestia_ru reports.

Zarema and her husband took the animal, most likely for temporary overexposure. “Thank God, the dog will leave Yakutsk,” the woman said.

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