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Read Online and Download The Strange Case of the Dog Killed at Midnight. Christopher Boone is fifteen and suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Your relationship with the world? problematic: he hates being touched, he hates yellow and brown, he gets angry if the furniture in the house is moved, he cannot interpret people’s facial expressions, he never smiles … On the other hand, he loves mathematics, astronomy and detective novels, and? intending to write one. Yes, why? since he discovered the corpse of Wellington, the dog of the neighbor, he has not been able to rest. And throwing himself in the? Case? with the same passion of his hero Sherlock Holmes, ends up bringing to light a mystery pi? deep, what will change? life and force it? to enter the chaotic and noisy world of others. Mark Haddon’s first book for adults, The Strange Case of the Dog Killed at Midnight? a captivating and very tender detective story, which has won prizes and won millions of readers all over the world. .

The Strange Case of the Dog Killed at Midnight by Mark Haddon

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