Killed involved in the murder of two women in El Callao

Troops assigned to Detachment 628 of the Bolivarian National Guard killed an individual allegedly related to the murder of two women that occurred in El Callao (Bolívar), said military sources.

Once the double homicide perpetrated against Martha Liliana Aristizábal (37) and Dorialcelys del Valle Tocuyo Martínez (29), whose bodies were found last Tuesday, June 1, in the courtyard of a house located in the La Iguana sector of the aforementioned town miner, the security agencies undertook a search for members of the El Perú gang, as they were the alleged perpetrators.

Thus, last Tuesday, military personnel were deployed in the El Perú sector, El Callao municipality, where they held an armed confrontation with members of the criminal group that adopted the same name of the neighborhood in which they have their base of operations. In the skirmish, alias El Jíbaro, a member of the aforementioned criminal organization, was killed and who fired with a 7.65 mm caliber pistol, without visible marks or serial numbers.

The Public Ministry has suspects of the double homicide members of the El Perú gang, reported the attorney general, Tarek William Saab through his social networks.

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