Kicked a dog to death in front of a 12-year-old girl

A man kicked and stomped on a dog that he finally killed in front of its owner, a 12-year-old girl. This tragic event has occurred in Jerez de la Frontera and has caused the little girl and her family to have ended up devastated by the tragedy. Oddie, that was the name of the animal, was a small breed dog that was beaten to death after a man had slightly tripped over the leash while the girl was walking him around the neighborhood.

Ana María, the girl’s mother, tells NIUS how Oddie came into their lives nine years ago when her eldest daughter recovered from an illness. He dog she quickly became a member of the family, especially for the youngest daughter, who was barely three years old at the time.

The terrible attack occurred last weekend when the girl took Oddie for a walk. The usual route included walking around the block for the dog to relieve himself before returning home. However, this time, the ride came to a devastating end. A man tripped over Oddie’s leash and, although he did not fall to the ground, he reacted with extreme violence, beating and trampling the animal to death.

“He kicked it and then stepped on it and blew it up”, recounts Ana Maria. The girl began to scream desperately, alerting her parents, who ran out in search of her. “The girl was full of blood,” recalls Ana María, moved.

The girl’s father pursued the attacker while Ana María called the National Police. Officers rushed to the scene and arrested the man. Despite the arrest, the family is fearful as the attacker lives only half a kilometer away and has been released. “The other day my eldest daughter ran into him”Ana María comments with concern..

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