Kharkiv Pride Equality March was held in Kharkiv

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The march passed without incident

The KharkivPride participants were surrounded by police officers and national guards, they were also accompanied by police cars, not allowing them to break through the cordon.

In Kharkiv, the KharkivPride equality march took place, which gathered, according to preliminary estimates, about two thousand participants. The march was guarded by several hundred policemen and national guardsmen.

The participants of the march marched from Freedom Square to the Botanichesky Sad metro station on Nauki Avenue. On both sides of the column there were law enforcement officers and police buses. Public transport was blocked.

People walked with posters in their hands: “Equality for all – security for all!”, “Rebel, love, don’t give up your rights!” We are not a mistake and others. “

The coordinator of the event, program director of the NGO Kharkov Women’s Association Sphere and PrideHub Anna Sharygina, spoke about the threats to the organizers on the eve of the march.

“We did not back down, and the march demonstrates our intention to continue to fight for equal rights for people, for a tolerant attitude towards other views, as well as the need to investigate hate crimes directed against a certain group of people on a certain basis,” she said.

The march passed without incident.

Let us remind you that at the end of August the LGBT march took place in Odessa. Radically-minded citizens threw smoke bombs towards the participants of the march, tried to break through the police cordon. 51 people were detained.

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Let’s add, before that in Kharkov, two girls “had a wedding.” The performance was timed to coincide with KharkivPride. Its purpose is to draw attention to the topic of same-sex marriage.

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