Kerstin Ott: Bitter forced break for hit star

Pop singer Kerstin Ott can’t believe it. She reaches out to her followers via Instagram with bad news. Your fans are disappointed and appear sad in the comments.

Kerstin Ott: Concerts canceled

It could have been so beautiful. She was actually almost on the way to Bavaria when she got the bad news – Your concerts are canceled. The reason for this is the Corona regulations in force in Bavaria. They do not allow large gatherings of people. Your fans are sad. Many have been looking forward to the singer’s concerts and now this. Kerstin Ott is therefore taking a forced break for the time being. However, the break is not of long duration, because Ott will be performing again in Saarbrücken on November 28th. Advance law that no further tightening will be decided there over the weekend.

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Schlager fans are shocked

But Kerstin Ott is not alone in this. Many of her colleagues have met the same fate. So does singer Pietro Lombardi. He also recently made public that his concert in Fürth has been canceled. Angelo Kelly’s fans were also bitterly disappointed. The “Irish Christmas Tour” was actually planned for 2020, but due to the pandemic situation, the singer decided to postpone the tour to 2021. Now the concerts have been completely canceled. Schlager fans will have to do without live music for the time being.

Kerstin Ott: your story

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