Kennel Production Studio K Soundproof Cage Cover for Sale – Lossnay with Casters and Double Doors

Beige dome 2SM For air dome confirmation
Kennel Production Studio K Soundproof Cage Cover 6 with Lossnay (inside and outside air circulation) with casters rr The door is a double sliding door and a double door. r Separate stoppers are included for sliding doors. rThe manufacturer has details about the soundproofing effect. r I could hear it in front of the door (about the amount of people talking), but it was quite effective in other rooms and outdoors, so I was able to sleep soundly. r What looks like black dirt inside is the color of the wood and is not dirty. r The period of use is about 4 months. rr◎External dimensions (Lossnay, caster not included)rWidth 102.3cm x Depth 71.5cm x Height 76.3cm ◎ The bedridden M Dachshund was used with a blanket, a pet sheet, and a diaper, so there is no dirt on the toilet. rr ◎ If you pick it up, I will help you with one person (it is quite heavy). rrSince it took a lot of effort to assemble it after it arrived, we will ship it as it is without dismantling it. (furniture delivery)

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Item status: there are some scratches and dirt.
Shipping charges: Shipping included (paid by seller)
Shipping method: Packing and shipping
Shipping Region: Hyogo Prefecture
Days to Ship: Ships in 2-3 days

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