Kei Komuro, “NY Times” reports extensively on allegations of special scholarship fraud While NY Police Department is watching, there is a possibility of arrest and deprivation of examination eligibility Proof of excellence – Imperial Chrysanthemum Curtain

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Kei Komuro Voices of doubt about graduating from Fordham University

In May of last month, Kei Komuro, the eldest daughter of the Akishinomiya family, was graduated from Fordham University School of Law and qualified to take the NY State Bar Examination in July.

It is believed that if Kei Komuro successfully passes the NY State Bar Examination in July and qualifies as a NY State Attorney, the chances of marrying Mako will increase dramatically. On the other hand, there are many who question Kei Komuro’s graduation from law school. One imperial journalist said:

“Kei Komuro rarely appeared in front of the media after studying abroad at Fordham University, but even when I interviewed him at Fordham University,It seems that few graduates saw Kei Komuro.

Kei Komuro will receive a full tuition exemption scholarship in the first year of study abroad, even though he has never studied law in Japan. It was admission with special treatment, but in the end,Considering that I got the graduation qualification without showing up in class, it can be said that I was graduating with special treatment at the time of graduation.

In the end, he didn’t show up at the bachelor’s degree awarding ceremony in which the graduates participated, and he seemed to be thorough in his style of avoiding the eyes of the media even on a sunny stage. “(Imperial journalist)

There were also a number of critical comments in the comments section of the news site regarding the absence of this degree conferment ceremony.

It seems that the illegal receipt of Martin scholarship is also regarded as a problem in the United States, so I think I couldn’t make an appearance on the album.Because the real talented students couldn’t get the scholarship.

I think this is a shame in Japan.

Did you enroll with some special treatment?

If so, it is doubtful that he took the entrance examination properly.

Anyway, this person is so dark that even ordinary people don’t want to get involved.

Even if you graduate by using the imperial family, it is far from boasting and status, and in a sense it will be a shame.But Komuro’s parents and children are thick

It feels like it doesn’t move, but …

The NY Times also reports on allegations of Kei Komuro’s special scholarship fraud

Kei Komuro, who has received a lot of criticism in Japan, is said to have been criticized by various media in NY.

In 2018, when Kei Komuro entered Fordham University, an article entitled “Don’t call him a fiance” was published in the electronic version of the US newspaper The New York Times.

Fordham University initially published a document on its official website stating “Accepting Kay Komuro, the fiancee of Japanese Princess Mako”, but after that, at the request of the Imperial Household Agency, “Fiance (= fiancée)” The expression “” has been deleted.

The New York Times reported in detail the process by which the university deleted these descriptions on the website at the request of the Imperial Household Agency.

Regarding these issues, the following words of the imperial reporter are introduced in “Josei Seven” (August 9, 2018 issue).

“The Imperial Household Agency officially announced a comment that” Kei Komuro is not a “fiance” because he has not undergone a “gagement ceremony”, and gave an “explanation” to Fordham University. Because the “Grand Order” has been postponed indefinitely,It is a strict fact that Mr. Komuro is not Mako’s fiancée.Fordham University, in consultation with both the Imperial Household Agency and Mr. Komuro, explained that it had revised the HP document in honor of the long traditions and practices of the imperial family. “

“Josei Seven” (August 9, 2018 issue)

In addition, the following comments on Japanese SNS were also introduced in this NY Times article.

Kei Komuro decided to study abroad without telling the Akishinomiya family or the Imperial Household Agency, and won a marketing scholarship as “Princess’s fiance”. This guy should betray many times in the future. Immediately, even tomorrow should be broken! !!

Kei Komuro won a special scholarship by selling to Fordham University as a fiancee of Mako, a royal family, even though she was not officially engaged to Mako.That is written in the NY Times article.

This is, in effectIt’s almost as if the university reported that he had deceived the scholarship.After all, the university side corrected the text, and now it is written that Kei Komuro provided a special scholarship because he has excellent abilities, but the person who truly receives such a text I won’t. “(Imperial journalist mentioned above)

Kei Komuro may be arrested for fraud

In fact, in response to these reports, the NYPD and others may have been fraudulent in order for Kei Komuro to win a special scholarship. It is said that it is proceeding with the investigation.

“Initially, Kei Komuro’s self-appeal wasIt seems that investigations have been conducted on the possibility of malicious identity fraud and fraud that deceives the authority of the imperial fiance.

However, it may be difficult to sue Kei Komuro as a defendant in a fraud case on this issue, as Fordham University, which actually decided to provide a special scholarship, has not filed a complaint.

On the university side, if Kei Komuro admitted that he was not actually eligible for a special scholarship, he would not conduct a thorough investigation and would deceive the fake title of the imperial fiance. You will admit that you have given Hoi Hoi and a valuable scholarship.

Kei Komuro probably understands the psychology of the university well.If you have a decent sense, these corrections will be made and even moreIf such a thing is widely reported in the newspaper, it is likely that I will decline to receive the special scholarship, but it may be that Kei Komuro’s nerves are reflected in the fact that he will receive it as it is.(Same as above)

If arrested on suspicion of scholarship fraud, it would be nearly impossible to take the NY state bar exam this year, but at the moment it seems unlikely.

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