Keeping “Shanghai” and becoming a hero returns home, Fujian medical team to aid Shanghai is triumphant – People’s Livelihood – Southeast Net

On the afternoon of the 27th, some members of the Fujian Aid Shanghai Medical Team arrived at Fuzhou Changle International Airport.

Keep “Shanghai” and become a hero and return home – Fujian Daily Digital News

Southeast Net, May 28th (Fujian Daily reporter Wu Xutao and Zhang Yongding)

“go home!”

On the 27th, 1,812 members of the Fujian Medical Team Aid to Shanghai returned to Fujian by special plane. The remaining 129 team members continue to fight on the “epidemic” line in Shanghai and will return in the near future.

On April 7, the provincial party committee and the provincial government actively responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee, and organized elite forces to help Shanghai as soon as possible. 1,941 team members have been involved in the defense of Shanghai. It has settled in the sub-designated hospital of the Urban Footprint Museum, Zhoupu Hospital, and the Fourth People’s Hospital of Shanghai.

Fighting day and night to defend “Shanghai”. Medical team members have treated 25,658 people in the Expo makeshift hospital, and took over 1,623 patients in the sub-designated hospital of the Urban Footprint Pavilion. No case of death, no hospital feeling, no recovery of yang, and no medical malpractice.

“Go home feeling good”

On the 27th, starting in the morning, the members of the Fujian Medical Team Aid to Shanghai successively departed from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and arrived in Fuzhou and Xiamen.

“Thank you!” At 10 o’clock, on the way for medical staff to take the bus to Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai citizens stopped and waved to the convoy; police stationed at various intersections saluted the team members one after another.

At 13:00, the flight took off. On the plane, the medical team members could not hide their excitement.

“Finally, the mission has been successfully completed!” said Liu Qing, a member of the medical team. “In the process of supporting the fight against the epidemic, we have also gained a lot. Everyone does not care about personal gains and losses in their work, and sincerely works hard for the team and for Shanghai. As we get along day and night, we have forged a deep friendship in war. Now that the mission is over, I feel very sorry for our team.”

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At 14:45, the planes of some team members landed at Fuzhou Changle International Airport. When they taxied slowly, they passed through the arched “water gate” formed by water jets from two fire trucks – this is a high-level “water gate” in international civil aviation. Etiquette, meaning “to catch the wind and wash the dust”.

“It feels so good to go home! I want to drink milk tea the most, and I want to see the dogs at home soon.” Although Lin Daiqin, a member of the medical team, is a “post-00”, he is already an “old man” who supports the fight against the epidemic—— She joined in July 2018 and has gone out to support 3 times in the past 4 years. Lin Daiqin gained a lot from this aid to Shanghai: “After I come back, I will continue to work hard to improve my nursing professional skills and humanistic quality, and continue to serve the people well.”

After each team arrived, the team members took the bus and went to various places to rest. In the rest area, many team members ate a long-lost hometown flavor – Taiping for the first time. After a while, they will return to their posts and continue to serve the people of their hometowns.

“Honourful Mission Accomplished”

“Report to the provincial party committee and government! We have accomplished our mission gloriously!” The team members reported loudly the moment they arrived at their hometown.

Just 51 days ago, also at Changle Airport, the first batch of 1,730 medical team from Fujian to Shanghai assembled for Shanghai.

Before departure, the team members’ oath was still in their ears: “We must keep in mind the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and live up to the entrustment of the provincial party committee, the provincial government and the people of the whole province. ) Carry forward the professional spirit of ‘respect for life, save the dying, be willing to give, and love without bounds’, make every effort to treat patients, have the courage to take responsibility, and live up to the mission…”

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Now, the Fujian medical team in Shanghai has fulfilled its oath, lived up to its mission, and returned with honor——

On April 9, the whole system took over the makeshift hospital of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center;

Since then, three more groups of team members have arrived, and they have successively settled in the Sub-designated Hospital of the City Footprint Museum, Zhoupu Hospital, and the Fourth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, with a total of 1,941 members of the medical team;

On May 24, the sub-designated hospital of the City Footprint Museum was closed, and Fujian took over 1,623 patients in total;

On May 25, the makeshift hospital of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center was closed, and a total of 25,658 people were treated. This is the first large-scale square cabin built and put into use in Shanghai, and the successful closure of the cabin is of great significance.

During the takeover of Fangcang shelter hospitals and sub-designated hospitals, there was no case of death, no hospital feeling, no recovery of positive yang, and no medical malpractice.

“Day and night in Shanghai, the team members fought on the front line of the anti-epidemic, adhered to the leadership of party building, overcame difficulties, demonstrated the excellent skills and good image of Fujian medical workers, and contributed Fujian’s strength to the defense of Shanghai, which was praised. In order to ‘fully reflect the very serious, very responsible, and very caring spirit of Fujian people’.” The relevant person in charge of the Fujian Medical Team in Shanghai said.

“We have a friendship”

Those who arrived in Fujian with the medical team also received letters of thanks from the “cabinmates” in Shanghai.

“Unexpectedly, the ‘cabinmate’ sent the letter to Fuzhou and to our hospital.” After getting off the plane, Chen Xiaohuan, a member of the medical team, said that he had gained a lot.

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Recalling the days in Shanghai, Chen Xiaohuan will never forget the friendship forged with the “cabinmate”. As a “veteran” who has participated in aid to Hubei, she served as the director of the nursing department in the Expo cabin, and witnessed too many loving stories: “The nervous ‘cabinmate’ accepted the ‘talk’ of the medical team members and went out of the cabin Afterwards, I quietly called Fuzhou to the hospital office to thank the team members; some team members brought a few apples they saved to the ‘cabinmates’, and the other party was so moved that they wrote letters to Fuzhou; some ‘cabinmates’ Take the initiative to join the team of volunteers and fight with us. Many such stories have made us gain friendship.”

“Our TCM treatment has been warmly praised by the ‘cabinmates’,” said Yang Shanli, a member of the medical team. “This time, our support for Shanghai’s fight against the epidemic is also a process of TCM practice. We have brought our characteristic non-drug treatments to Fang. In the cabin, there are aerobics, rehabilitation and stretching exercises… More and more ‘cabinmates’ join in, and the compression method and the ear surgery have been well received by everyone, and Chinese medicine has helped us make many friends.”

“We will never forget our friendship with the people of Fujian!” Zheng Junhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Renji Hospital, said before the departure of the Fujian medical team to Shanghai, “During the period of joint struggle, I especially feel that the Fujian people are particularly capable of enduring hardships and special needs. The character of being able to fight, I feel the fighting spirit of the Fujian medical team’s unity and mutual help. I look forward to further strengthening cooperation with the Fujian medical team in the future after fighting side by side to jointly improve the medical cause.”

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