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In summer, Hulun Lake is sparkling and full of vitality. For thousands of years, she has been embedded in the green grassland like a jasper, moisturizing the vast grassland with a pool of clear water, and protecting the life and reproduction of thousands of creatures.

Hulun Lake is the largest lake in Inner Mongolia, known as the “kidney of the grassland”, which means “the lake like the sea” in Mongolian. In order to protect this piece of clear water and blue sky, over the years, our city has resolutely implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and instructions, and regards the comprehensive ecological management of the Hulun Lake Basin as the “No. 1 project” to build an important ecological security barrier in northern my country. In order to support, take the governance project as the starting point, adhere to the equal emphasis on point governance and whole basin governance, river and lake governance and comprehensive ecosystem governance, engineering governance and scientific management and protection, and deeply implement a number of effective governance measures. Projects such as desertification land treatment around the lake, grassland degradation treatment, and upgrading and renovation of sewage treatment plants along the rivers entering the lake have been carried out, reproducing the beauty of Hulun Lake, which is like a fairyland.

From “governing lakes” to “governing river basins”

Hulun Lake regains its vitality

Strolling in the Hudenuoer Wetland of Xinyou Banner, listening to the chirping of migratory birds quietly, makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. “This used to be a depression. After scientific planning and construction, it not only created a beautiful landscape for people to enjoy leisure and entertainment, but also improved the reuse rate of reclaimed water, adding a guarantee for the improvement of water quality in the Hulun Lake Basin.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Youqi water conservancy department, in 2020, Xinyouqi successfully introduced the reclaimed water treated by the sewage treatment plant into the river around the city. The water system around the city of about 4,000 meters runs around the city like a ribbon, and the Hudenuoer artificial wetland The integration makes the prairie town more comfortable and agile.

The reclaimed water reuse project in Xinyou Banner is only part of the comprehensive management of the Hulun Lake Basin. In recent years, our city has adhered to the concept of “ecological priority and green development”, respected the integrity, systematicness and internal laws of the ecosystem, continued to work hard for a long time, and effectively strengthened the transformation from “governing lakes” to “governing river basins” .

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——The grazing prohibition and the balance of grass and livestock are implemented around Hulun Lake. The 570,000 mu of grassland in the core area of ​​Hulun Lake Nature Reserve will be banned from grazing from 2020. Vegetation has recovered significantly, and the vegetation coverage has gradually increased, effectively curbing the trend of grassland degradation and desertification in the basin.

——Improve the water resources allocation capacity, implement water conservancy projects such as the Hulun Lake ecological water replenishment project and the downstream channel bank protection project, establish the Hulun Lake water resources allocation and dispatching operation management mechanism, formulate and implement the Hulun Lake Ecological Water Supplement dispatching plan, and further ensure ecological water replenishment capacity.

—— Banning and shutting down all catering and tourism enterprises around the lake, clearing 106 various operating facilities with an area of ​​more than 110,000 square meters. 471 ecological resettlement households have been successively completed in the core area, buffer zone, lakeside and riverside buffer zone, and ecologically fragile areas of the protected area, effectively reducing the impact of human disturbance factors on the ecological environment around the basin.

——On the basis of the comprehensive completion of the upgrading and renovation of the first-class A-level sewage treatment plants around Hulun Lake, including Hailar District, Manzhouli City, Yakeshi City, and Zhalai Nuoer District, and along the main rivers entering the lake, the project has further advanced The construction of 10 reclaimed water reuse projects for domestic sewage treatment plants in the Hulun Lake Basin has made the people in the Hulun Lake Basin feel the tangible environmental benefits.

With the continuous improvement of Hulun Lake management, the results of comprehensive ecological management of Hulun Lake have continued to show: the water volume of Hulun Lake has remained within a reasonable range, the water quality indicators have steadily improved, and the biodiversity indicators have improved significantly. Xinkai Lake, which has been dry for 15 years, has restarted water injection in June 2021. It is estimated that the current surface area of ​​Xinkai Lake has reached more than 100 square kilometers, and the water volume is about 220 million cubic meters. As of the end of July 2022, the water surface area of ​​Hulun Lake has expanded to 2,243.6 square kilometers, with a water volume of 13.93 billion cubic meters, close to the best level in history.

From “engineering governance” to “scientific management and protection”

The beauty of biodiversity

At the Research Institute of Inland Lakes in the Cold and Arid Areas of North Hulunbuir, researchers are conducting experiments on aquatic biodiversity and eutrophication monitoring. Provide basic data for studying the health status of Hulun Lake aquatic ecosystem.

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In recent years, our city has established the Hulunbuir Research Institute of Inland Lakes in the Cold and Arid Regions of the North, actively introducing and training high-end technical talents, and continuously deepening cooperation with domestic authoritative scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and carried out A large number of subject research, in-depth scientific research cooperation on the causes of lake water quality, ecological restoration and biodiversity protection, etc., have formed systematic research results, and provided strong scientific and technological support for further scientific planning and implementation of comprehensive management.

In order to better protect Hulun Lake, protect the fishery resources and environment of Hulun Lake waters, maintain aquatic biodiversity, and improve the scientific research and monitoring capabilities and management and law enforcement capabilities of Hulun Lake, the key protection of 7,400 square kilometers of Hulun Lake In the area, around 8 management stations and 5 core areas, a total of 29 surveillance video towers have been built, with a 468-kilometer ring data network, and 6 automatic water quality monitoring stations and 3 air quality monitoring stations have been built in key monitoring areas. The automatic monitoring station conducts 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of the Hulun Lake Reserve.

These video surveillance systems, digital platforms, and advanced mobile law enforcement equipment covering the entire Hulun Lake Reserve are like “clairvoyance” and “scuds”, adding wings of wisdom to scientific research and management work, not only for all kinds of illegal acts It formed a great shock and deterrence, and also provided more convenience for observing and recording and rescuing wild animals.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of the ecological environment and the effective control of human disturbance, wild animals have become active again and their populations have continued to recover, and biodiversity conservation has achieved remarkable results. Since 2013, the number of bird species and individuals recorded in the Hulun Lake Nature Reserve has increased year by year, and the number of birds has increased from 333 to 345, including the national first-class protected animals, the Oriental white stork and the second-class protected animal. Animal eagle owl and crested bee eagle; the number of fish species in the Hulun Lake water system has increased from 32 to 39, and the mammal species has increased from 35 to 38.

From “individually weak” to “teamwork”

Hand in hand to protect the lake

“The yellow sheep that entered the reserve in 2003 have been rescued in time by us, and now they have multiplied from the original 8 to the current 83. The reserve is our home, do a good job in publicity and education, and guide the surrounding people to improve It is our duty to protect awareness, protect the environment and wild animals,” said Chen Jun, head of the Hulun Valley Management and Protection Station in Hulun Lake National Nature Reserve. In daily work, the staff of the management and protection station fully mobilize the residents in the protected area to jointly manage and protect them through home-based publicity, regular discussions, and distribution of leaflets.

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“Every April, a large number of birds will build nests and breed, and there are relatively many illegal activities such as fish accumulation and illegal fishing in the jurisdiction. We will correspondingly increase our propaganda and education efforts to sow the seeds of environmental protection in the hearts of the masses.” Li Guohai, the head of the Galada Baixin Management and Protection Station in the Hulun Lake National Nature Reserve, told reporters. With the intensification of comprehensive management of Hulun Lake, the deepening of various work in the reserve, and the improvement of local residents’ awareness of environmental protection, illegal fishing has been basically eliminated.

In order to promote the formation of a good atmosphere for the whole society to participate in the ecological construction of Hulun Lake, and strive to achieve the goal of co-governance, co-management, co-construction and sharing of Hulun Lake by all people, our city gives full play to the wisdom and strength of the masses, and continues to increase its propaganda and education efforts. Utilize the Hulun Lake comprehensive treatment exhibition hall and various grassroots management and protection stations to guide students from all walks of life and primary and secondary schools to visit and study, conduct on-the-spot teaching, organize 10,000 volunteer actions, etc. The idea of ​​”Mother River” is deeply integrated into the blood and soul of the people of all ethnic groups in Hulunbuir.

The green waters meander away, and the green mountains open towards each other. Hulun Buir will resolutely shoulder the political responsibility, take the continuous comprehensive management of the Hulun Lake ecology as an important practice to unswervingly follow a new path of high-quality development oriented by ecological priority and green development, and continue to work hard for a long time. In the protection and management of the whole city, Hulun Lake, the “mother lake” that maintains thousands of grassland creatures, will be dazzling and rush forward, drawing a dazzling light among the green waters and green mountains.

Reporter: Fu Rao Lu Yan

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