Ke Jie loses chess and makes a dynamic self-mockery, saying that AI makes it more difficult for him to win the championship jqknews

Original title: Ke Jie lost the game and made a continuous dynamic, self-deprecating himself, saying that AI made it more difficult for him to win the championship

After Ke Jie Nongxin Cup lost to Shen Zhenzhen on February 25, Ke Jie became more active on social platforms. Different from the silence for several days after losing to Shen Minqi earlier this month and missing his personal championship, Ke Jie has updated her own dynamics every day recently, and also released the latest videos on the self-media platform, and talked about AI with her arms around her dog. In the video, he said: “When there was no AI, I had won six or seven world championships. After the AI ​​appeared, I seem to have won one or two now.” In his own update, he laughed at himself. Said he was old.

In the latest video about AI, Ke Jie said: “Before, we said that some people played stinky chess. We might say that your calculations are as simple as a computer, but now it is completely different. Now, AI technology is comprehensive. The ground is used in the training and competition of chess players; human chess players are learning from artificial intelligence; and “like a computer” has become a compliment; netizens often kindly call me “half-human, half-dog”. In fact, Our Go world is a very serious place! For me, I especially don’t want AI to appear; because AI can actually close the gap between chess players to a large extent.”

Ke Jie also said: “The current level of competition in the Go world is much more intense than before. In the past, Korean players like Lee Sedol and Lee Chang-ho could win more than 10 world championships in world competitions. I think , In fact, it is a very remarkable result! When there was no AI, I had already won six or seven world championships. After the emergence of AI, I seem to have won one or two now? So, I am ashamed! Everyone Working hard and there are so many people, this will cause the so-called involution situation.”

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On the day that she lost to Shen Zhenzhen on February 25, Ke Jie updated the news and laughed at herself as “I am getting older.” Some netizens responded with a post: “Your old brother started eight career championships at the age of 23. You are 23 years old and you have eight championships. Hurry up and get a few more championships for everyone to have a good time.” More chess fans said earnestly: “Are you shy? Look at this dynamic review if there are any tricks, which shows that these chess fans of yours have a very good attitude this time. Seriously, I don’t want you to say this, and will always believe and support you. Teacher Gu Li has started at the age of 23, can you end it? We are not afraid of the Korean Wave, I am afraid that you, as the last line of defense in the Chinese chess world, will even resist Korea. I don’t have the courage to flow.”

The next day, Ke Jie updated the news and wrote: “In fact, it is bad luck. I will always look forward to the next game.” A fan said: “Life is greater than Go, remember to eat glutinous rice balls.” Some netizens said: “Don’t eat black. With sesame stuffing, a bite is black and white, and I think about Go again.”

Yesterday, Ke Jie updated the news again. He posted: “Low EQ: I have lost doubts about life recently; High EQ: I want to buy a dog to do it.” A netizen said in a post: “Jiebao, look at Xiaoshen, career love Double harvest. We may not have much hope for the part of love for the time being, and the part of career shouldn’t break him?” There was also an iron fan who said: “Lao Ke, can you bear it?! There is no way for love. Go over Xiaoshen? Otherwise, really that two-lane rout.” (Red)Return to Sohu to see more

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