Kazakhstan detains official who threatened to leave Europe without oil

Threats to leave Europe without oil were made by Karagaev against the backdrop of information about the possible introduction of a carbon tax. “There is reason to believe that the subsequent introduction of this carbon tax will have a negative impact on the oil and gas sector. There are alternative routes for the supply of carbon raw materials (instead of the EU countries) – China or the countries of Southeast Asia, ”said the ex-vice minister of energy of the republic.

The press service of the prime minister of the republic did not name the reason for Karagaev’s dismissal from the post of vice minister of energy.

The detention of the ex-official was first reported by Kazakh political scientist Yerbol Yedilov, citing unnamed sources. He stated that Karagaev and other persons were detained due to their involvement in the unjustified increase in prices for liquefied gas in the Mangistau region of the republic.

On January 2, mass protests began in the Mangistau region in western Kazakhstan against a doubling of the cost of liquefied gas. Soon, residents of neighboring regions joined the protesters. The protesters took to the streets of Alma-Ata, Karaganda, Aktobe and other large cities.

By January 4, the protests escalated into clashes with the security forces. The riots were stopped by the peacekeepers of the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

Photo: Rrimeminister.kz

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