Kazakhstan Delegation Attends FCI Congress to Promote “Taz” Hounds and “Tobet” Shepherd Dogs

Kazakhstan News Agency/Astana/August 21st – Kazakhstan delegation attended the World Federation of Canine Industry (FCI) Congress held in Geneva on the 21st.

It is understood that the agenda of the meeting includes the Kazakhstan Kennel Federation joining the organization, and 77 member countries will participate in voting.

The Kazakh Kennel Federation says joining the organization will help promote Kazakh “Taz” hounds and Kazakh “Tobet” shepherd dogs globally.

According to previous reports, two Kazakh Taz hounds will participate in the World Dog Show (World Dog Show-2023) held under the framework of the conference.

It is worth mentioning that the Majlis (lower house of parliament) and the Senate (upper house of parliament) of Kazakhstan passed a bill on the protection and breeding of Taz and Kazakh shepherd dogs at the end of last year.

On January 3, President Tokayev signed the bill.

According to data from Еenergyprom.kz, there are currently more than a thousand Taz hounds in Kazakhstan.

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