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Recently, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres (62) has been in bad weather after former employees has gone out and accused her show of having a toxic work culture.

It has again come in the wake of a number of people in March accusing the 62-year-old himself of behaving rudely.

Several have now stood up for DeGeneres, and shown support for her. On Monday, his wife Portia de Rossi (47) published an Instagram post with the text “I support Ellen”. The post was reposted by, among others, actor Jerry O’Connell (46).

“Sending you love”

Polo player Nacho Figueras (43) also published a long post in which he called for support from DeGeneres’ many famous friends, including Katy Perry. He has also tagged Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Pink, Sean Hayes, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake.

“I have been patiently waiting for someone with more authority than me to talk about how good a person Ellen DeGeneres is,” he opens the post, describing the 62-year-old as he knows her.

So far, Perry is the only one who has responded to this. She’s doing it now on Twitter.

“I know I can not speak for anyone’s experiences other than my own, but I want to emphasize that I have only had positive experiences in my time with Ellen and on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,'” the 34-year-old writes.

“I think we have all witnessed the light and the ongoing struggle for equality she has brought to the world through her platforms for decades. I send you love and a hug, friend “, she continues.

Fans ask Perry to delete

However, the Twitter messages make several of the fans despair. Several ask her to delete them before she is “pulled down” with DeGeneres.

“Katy, I know you always like to see the best in people, but my girl – Ellen has been ‘shady’ even though it has not been against you,” one writes.

“She’s sabotaging herself, Orlando has to take her phone away now,” writes another, referring to Perry’s husband, actor Orlando Bloom (43).

The two are waiting their first child together in August.

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Following the allegations against “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, production company Telepictures and distributor Warner Brothers TV Group have launched an internal investigation.

The main character even broke the silence on Friday last week. In an internal letter to the employees, she wrote that she was disappointed to hear about the accusations against the employees.

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