Karol G uncovers herself and reveals what she does with the gifts they give her at her concerts

Karol G has earned the affection of many people around the world. The singer has more than 50 million followers on social networks, which shows that she is not only one of the most popular artists of the urban genre, but also one of the most loved.

2022 has been a year of a lot of work for paisa, as it has been performing on different stages around the planet. Likewise, All this effort has been rewarded because he has had the opportunity to fulfill dreams that he had from the beginning of his career as a singer.

He recently finished his tour of the United States, called Strip Love Tour, with which he moved thousands of people, since he offered a show world-class. However, he gave some news to his fans and that is that the other year he will not tour.

“It turns out that next year I’m not going to go tourI’m not going to go on tour, I decided,” he said. She then surprised a follower of hers when he told her that he was going to invite her to a presentation that she had in Puerto Rico, and the woman has gone to many Colombian concerts, so she already recognizes her . “I don’t know if you’re going to have money for that one, but Bichota invites you to that one, she takes you, she travels, she gives you the backstageso someone from my team, please to help me, “he said.

As mentioned above, Karol G has won the hearts of millions of people, which is why it is normal for him to receive various gifts from his followers at concerts. However, many times they do not know if the paisa keeps these or throws them away. Regarding this question, it was she herself who answered what she does with those gifts.

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“Since it comes into the hands of my team or me, I have them. I have letters, I have t-shirts, jackets, many hats, many little mermaids, stuffed animals. They gave me a lot of flowers, super nice people bring me very nice gifts. Glasses, bags, they gave me many bags, key chains, necklaces, there I have some very nice ones, bracelets, it’s not that, of everything, or it’s too much “said the interpreter Provence y Gatúbela through his Telegram channel.

Verónica Giraldo, sister of Karol G, revealed how many surgeries she has

Verónica Giraldo Navarro is one of the older sisters of urban music singer Karol G. The 34-year-old woman has become known in the world of digital platforms for her content related to tips of beauty, makeup and other natural treatments to take care of the body.

Currently, she has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and, just like the artist Paisa, she has also caught the attention of Internet users for her spectacular figure. In fact, in several of her publications they have filled her with praise because every time she is on the beach or in a pool, she does not miss the opportunity to show off her curves with small swimsuits.

One of the most praised attributes of Verónica Giraldo are her buttocks, although many of her admirers were concerned to know if they are natural or the result of some surgical intervention, since it is known that the young woman has undergone some cosmetic surgeries, but they do not know. had revealed in detail what changes have been made.

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For this reason, in the middle of a dynamic of questions that she activated from her Instagram profile, one of her followers took advantage of the moment to ask her if she had had something operated on, to which she replied: “I have had surgery twice, I had my breasts done and I had a bichectomy, but not for the rest, I have not done any more.”

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