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Kaohsiung subsidized the elderly and disabled health insurance premiums, and increased the wealth exclusion clause to affect 70,000 people. The picture shows the Evergreen Games, the relevant figures have nothing to do with this news. (Photo by reporter Hong Dinghong)

2016/01/01 14:58

[Reporter Hong Dinghong/Kaohsiung]The high city government’s financial liabilities are serious, and the threshold for subsidizing the elderly and disabled health insurance premiums has been raised today, that is, the exclusion clause has been increased. The income tax rate is changed to 5% as the subsidy standard, and the income tax rate is 12% 65 Elders over the age of the year must have a handbook (certificate) for the physical and mental disability before they can be subsidized, and the population premium in the sixth category (currently 749 yuan) is the upper limit, which is estimated to affect about 70,000 people.

The Social Affairs Bureau gives an example that the husband earns about 70,000 yuan per month (the annual income is less than 1.04 million yuan), and the wife is the housekeeper. There are two elders in the family of 4 single-salary families. After deduction of relevant allowances and deductions, comprehensive income tax The rate is 5%, which meets the subsidy standard.

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But if the husband’s monthly income is about 100,000 yuan (the annual income is less than 1.69 million yuan), and the wife is the housekeeper, and there are two elders in the family with four single-income families, after deducting the relevant allowances and deductions, the comprehensive income tax rate is 12 %, elders over 65 years old must have a handbook (certificate) for mild to moderate disability at the same time in order to meet the subsidy standard.

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If residents of Kaohsiung have doubts about the eligibility for subsidies and related questions, please contact the Social Welfare Division (Tel: 07-3373376) and the Disability Welfare Division (Tel: 07-3308447).

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