Kagawa University :: Recruitment of Mitoyo City Satellite Seminar Participants “Education of the mind, involvement with children”

Date and time: December 22, Reiwa 3 years (water) 10: 00 ~ 11: 30
Place: Toyonakacho Rural Environment Improvement Center (192-1 Motoyama Ko, Toyonakacho, Mitoyo City)
Capacity: 30 people
Lecturer: Kazuya Ueda, Professor, Faculty of Education
others:Anyone can take this course. No tuition fee.
Participation is possible on the day of the course, but if the capacity is reached, participation will be refused. please note that.

Lecture content:
Think concretely about the education of the child’s mind through morals and the family environment. Also, consider the roles of school education and home education regarding the relationship with children.
Request for attendance
(1) Please be sure to wear a mask when taking the course.
(2) At the venue, please cooperate with measures to avoid sealing, crowding, and close contact.
(3) Please manage your physical condition on the day and refrain from taking the course if you have a fever or poor physical condition.

Kagawa University Regional Revitalization Promotion Department
Regional cooperation promotion group
TEL : 087-832-1370 FAX: 087-832-1357
E-mail: [email protected]

Mitoyo City Policy Department Regional Strategy Division
TEL : 0875-73-3011 FAX: 0875-73-3022

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