Kagawa University :: Recruitment of Miki Satellite Seminar Participants What kind of study is philosophy?

Date and time: July 27, Reiwa 4 (water) 13:30-15:00

Place: Sun Sun Kan Miki (2940-1, Hikami, Miki-cho, Kita-gun, Kagawa Prefecture)

Capacity: Around 30 people

Lecture: Keita Sato, Associate Professor, University Education Infrastructure Center

Application: Sun Sun Kan Miki TEL: 087-891-0333 FAX: 087-891-0339

others :Free tuition

* Advance application is required for attendance. Please apply to Sun Sun Kan Miki.

Lecture content

“Philosophy” has the image of being difficult. However, if you take the plunge and take a step forward, it will be a world full of the fun of “thinking.” In this seminar, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner what “philosophy” is, based on familiar matters.

Request for attendance
(1) Please be sure to wear a mask when taking the course.
(2) At the venue, please take measures to avoid sealing, crowding, and close contact.
(3) Please manage your physical condition on the day and refrain from taking the course if you have a fever or poor physical condition.


■ Application destination
Sun Sun Hall Miki
TEL: 087-891-0333 FAX: 087-891-0339
■ Contact information
Kagawa University Regional Revitalization Promotion Department
Regional Cooperation Promotion Division
TEL : 087-832-1278 FAX: 087-832-1357

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