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Kagawa University (President: Yoshiyuki Kake, hereafter Kagawa University) and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hitoshi Yoshida, hereafter Microsoft Japan) are the DX promotion human resources whose needs are increasing these days. (Note 1) We signed an agreement on cooperation today on May 20, 2022 (Friday) in order to contribute to university reform and regional revitalization through the development of the university.

Kagawa University is rich in sympathy and diversity with human resources with DX promotion technology (cloud, security, data science, AI, IoT, design thinking, agile, etc.) in line with the “4th Medium-term Goals / Medium-term Plan”. We are working to develop human resources who can create new value while connecting with other people. This time, we have agreed to work on the development of human resources for promoting DX and regional revitalization while utilizing Microsoft Japan’s cloud services and educational solutions, and have reached the conclusion of the agreement.
Based on this agreement, both parties will take the following measures.

  1. Development of DX promotion human resources
  2. University reform by promoting DX
  3. Regional revitalization by promoting DX

Microsoft Japan plans to provide the following activities in consultation with Kagawa University.

  1. Development of DX promotion human resources:
    • Kagawa University students learn Microsoft Learn (Note 2) Supporting curriculum creation and execution environment construction when learning the latest technologies such as cloud and security
    • Providing learning environment and learning content necessary for data science education and AI education
    • Support for acquiring practical skills such as AI construction based on learning results and system development using AI
  1. University reform by promoting DX:
    • Kagawa University faculty and students are working on Microsoft Power Platform to realize university reform (Note 3) We provide curriculum and learning content so that we can develop in-house applications that can achieve the four items of “business analysis,” “environmental response,” “business automation,” and “data storage.”
    • Creating a system for sharing and utilizing the applications and systems developed in-house in the efforts described in the previous section to universities and educational institutions nationwide.
    • Disseminating Kagawa University’s efforts toward university reform through webins, etc.
  1. Regional revitalization by promoting DX:
    • At the “Kadai DX Juku” that Kagawa University plans to open in the latter half of 2022, re-learning of working people about DX (recurrent education) (Note 4)) And support the development of reskilling programs for new industries and occupations created by DX
    • Supporting the formation of bases and communities where faculty members, students, local governments, local businesses, etc. gather locally or virtually, which is necessary for Kagawa University to play the role of “local knowledge base”.
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(Note 1) DX promotion human resources (DX human resources): Human resources with the skills and aptitude necessary to promote DX (digital transformation)
(Note 2) Microsoft Learn: A free online training platform that provides learning content related to Microsoft products and cloud services according to the role and purpose of the user.
(Note 3) Microsoft Power Platform: A platform that realizes the construction of applications required for business and the collection and analysis of data by low coding.
(Note 4) Recurrent education: After completing school education and becoming a member of society, relearn specialized knowledge and skills at educational institutions, etc., and continue to improve the abilities required for work.

Agreement signing ceremony held today:

From left to right, Ryota Sato, Executive Officer, Managing Director, Public Sector Business Headquarters, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Yoshiyuki Kake, President, Kagawa University, National University Corporation


More information about Microsoft is available on the Microsoft website below.

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. website http://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/
Microsoft Corporation website http://www.microsoft.com/

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