Juve, two players had completely broken with Sarri: that’s who they are and the reasons


“Maurizio at Juve has never been really happy”. A friend tells it on the day of the exemption, who photographs the Juventus vintage so well. Far in style from Juve, far in understanding. It remains a championship, won amidst many difficulties, also and above all in the relationship with the players. Two above all.

RONALDO AND CHIELLINI – As the Journal, the day of the exemption brings inevitable outbursts, known and unknown background. The difficulties in the relationship with Ronaldo, for example, they are nothing new. Sarri has never been a coach loved by CR7 and the phenomenon with 7 has said no to Sarri’s main tactical idea: moving to a center forward position. Not only that, Ronaldo did not like MS’s work on tactics and he said it openly, with words and behavior. But not only. More than a few players in recent months have not liked the Sarri style, one above all, Giorgio Chiellini. And it is no coincidence that almost no player in the squad has published a farewell social post, continues the rosy. Bonucci only, around 11.30pm. While the various Emre Can, Mandzukic and Douglas Costa went wild to the sound of “like” at the news of the exemption. These are the aftermath of a difficult season, made up of compromises, such as the no to frequent training in the morning, not appreciated by the players. The stress had already been seen in the Cagliari match (we tell you here), with a hard outburst of Sarri in the locker room. In the season finale, all the knots came to a head, as did the tensions. And the bank jumped.

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