Justin Bieber in Paris, in concert on the roof of a hotel, the police are obliged to intervene

Present on French territory for the needs of his new clip, Justin Bieber created the event in Paris. Indeed, the American mega-star improvised a concert on the roof of the Hotel Crillon in which he was staying. It did not take more to generate a real crowd in the street. So much so that the police have to intervene quickly. Indeed, all the surroundings of the palace could have been taken by storm this Sunday, February 28. Objection therefore returns to this event during which the police had to deploy great means.

Justin Bieber : a show from the roof of the Parisian palace

Fans on the lookout

Even though this shoot of Justin’s music video Bieber had to remain secret, the information quickly leaked onto the web. From then on, many of his fans hope to be able to attend this mini-concert. In fact, Justin Bieber had been present in the hotel since the day before. But the singer was particularly very discreet. He wouldn’t have left his room before the big event. Because the authorities actually feared that a large number of his fans would try to approach him in one way or another. So, until the last minute, the star remains hidden in the hotel.

Until he has to get back to the roof of the building to start filming. The authorities are therefore on a war footing in order to avoid any overflow. Indeed, in this period of pandemic of covid-19, he fears the formation of a crowd in the streets of Paris. Because Justin’s presence Bieber in Paris is a real event. Therefore, some would really do anything to attend this scene.

A lover of France

Of Canadian origin, the singer has traveled the world for a long time to perform on various stages around the world. However, the young man seems to have a very special relationship with France. Indeed, he seems to feel perfectly well in the French territory and more particularly in the City of Light. From then on, he did not hesitate to imagine the filming of his next clip on the rooftops of Paris. Thousands of admirers therefore hoped to be able to see him for a few moments during this performance.

But obviously, the city of Paris and the police authorities had planned everything. Indeed, they imagined that the situation could quickly get out of hand and so they moved in droves. How to imagine a real crush in the streets when the precautionary measures due to the covid still apply? From then on, Justin’s fans Bieber are very disappointed. At no time would they have been able to see or even hear him. Finally, only two very lucky fans will have the opportunity to meet him for a few minutes. Objection let us explain to you how these two young people succeeded in this real sleight of hand.

An unforgettable moment

Around the Crillon hotel on March 2, it was impossible to see Justin Bieber. But as part of his promotional tour, the singer had an appointment a few hours later with the press. Thus, he notably went to the corridors of NRJ radio to deliver an interview. On the spot, the relatives of the star had imagined a meeting with some admirers of the singer. Thus, two fans had the chance to approach him for a few minutes. These are two young girls who will probably remember this special moment for a very long time. After this meeting with the media, Justin Bieber went to his room in the very luxurious Crillon hotel in Paris. He also reunited with his wife before enjoy a few more hours of the city in which he feels so good.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic of covid-19, this passage of the star with us will have been somewhat marred by the circumstances. But in view of the attachment that Justin Bieber a for France, it should quickly return as soon as the situation improves. Moreover, on each of his world tours, he passes through Paris to perform on stage. But it also seems that the singer and his family also enjoy spending time in France for private reasons. For them, it is a true idyllic destination for lazy stays and long shopping trips. So when Justin fans Bieber will they soon be able to find him? For now, it seems premature to come forward. But of course as soon as the handsome young man returns to France, Objection will be sure to keep you informed.

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