Justin Bieber in concert in Saudi Arabia: the fiancée of Jamal Khashoggi asks him to give up

DIPLOMACY – The fiancee of the famous journalist murdered by a commando under the orders of Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman in 2018, asks Justin Bieber to give up performing in Saudi Arabia on December 5.

Justin Bieber, hero of Human Rights? To have. The Canadian singer is part of a set of international stars who have agreed to perform in Saudi Arabia on December 5 during a major concert organized on the sidelines of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Jeddah.

In an open letter published by the Washington Post, Hatice Cengiz, the fiancee of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, assassinated in Turkey in 2018 by a commando group under the orders of Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, asks the teenage idol to give up this event which must also bring together rapper ASAP Rocky, the r’n’b star Jason Derulo or French DJ David Guetta.

Former close to the Saudi regime, installed in the United States since 2017, Jamal Khashoggi went on October 2, 2018 to the embassy of his country in Istanbul in order to obtain papers allowing him to remarry with Hatice Cengiz. He will never come out, the investigation carried out by the local authorities revealing that he was assassinated by a Saudi commando, entered Turkey a few days earlier.

This is a unique opportunity to send a strong message to the world that your name and talent will not be used to build the reputation of a regime that kills its detractors.– Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée

A CIA report declassified last February by the Biden administration points to the direct responsibility of Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, who has always denied the facts. If the members of the commando were sentenced to death by the Saudi justice, their sentence was then commuted to twenty years in prison.

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Since then, Hatice Cengiz has been campaigning with governments and international organizations for sanctions to be taken against the new strongman of Saudi power. A fight recounted in the fascinating documentary by Bryan Fogel, The Dissident, released last March.

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Be aware that your invitation to participate in a concert in Jeddah comes directly from MBS (Mohammed Ben Salman), as the crown prince is called“, writes the young woman in her open letter to Justin Bieber.”Nothing big happens in Saudi Arabia without his consent, the post concludes, and certainly not an event as big and visible as this..”

Cancel your December 5th concert in Saudi Arabia“, she intends to him.”This is a unique opportunity to send a strong message to the world that your name and your talent will not be used to establish the reputation of a regime that kills its detractors “, she adds, stressing that “hundreds of Saudis of all ages, backgrounds or religious beliefs languish in prison, punished for simply expressing their opposition to the merciless MBS dictatorship“.

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