Jurgen Klopp admits Liverpool will monitor transfer market this summer as Reds plot next step


Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool are still studying what might be available on the transfer market this summer.

But the Reds boss has been cautious of anyone hoping the Premier League champions will spend record amounts for players in time for next season.

After being linked repeatedly to Timo Werner for much of the year, the Reds chose to avoid a move last month when the German international made a change from RB Leipzig to Chelsea for around 50 million of pounds sterling.

And after a three-month period that saw sources of income take a significant hit during the suspension of Premier League football, Klopp should not head for the window armed with a massive transfer kitty.

As the recently crowned champions are 23 points ahead and have only lost three top games in their last 71 games, Klopp refuses to panic about the impact of coronavirus on his club’s ability to attract players.

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is expected to lead to a more low-key window into football this summer, but Klopp says he and the Liverpool recruiting team are still looking for potential solutions for his team.

“Are there players on the market who could also help us? Probably, yes,” said Klopp.

“It is a challenge for us to improve a very good football team. But time is also a challenge. No one knows what the future holds for all of us, so how do we make decisions, decisions really expensive, on how we deal with that?

“This team is what it is. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to strengthen it if we have the opportunity or if we have the financial resources. It will always happen. We will always try.

“But at the moment it’s a difficult period and this team is putting pressure on each other, per se, internally in training the quality is high.

“It is a difficult year for all the football clubs in the world and it is not only a moment when we speak of transfers as if the rest around us had not happened. It is not possible. less, not for us. We can’t do that like that.

“Maybe other clubs can, but this club is run in a specific way. This is our way and here we are. Is this the best way? I don’t know, but we will stick to it. “

Another Liverpool player has been strongly linked recently: Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara, the Reds being expected to bring the Spanish international to Anfield this summer.

Anfield sources said Thiago was not on the Liverpool shortlist this summer, but reports continue to name the 29-year-old in connection with the Reds.

Klopp was shy when asked about his apparent interest after Sunday’s 2-0 victory over Aston Villa, where the champions struggled to create something notable until late.

Liverpool is Premier League champion

And the German says such a performance was understandable given “the most difficult circumstances” of Anfield’s very first Premier League match to be held in July.

He added: “You can be critical and you will be critical in the future. It is not so pleasant in life but it is normal for people to forget. We saw a match against Aston Villa under the circumstances more difficult in a difficult period of our lives on difficult terrain.

“We played against Barcelona, ​​for example (in May 2019), with a lot of changes and we played an exceptional match. One of the best matches of this team. Whatever your first 11, and I have an idea, these [other] the boys did the job.

“One day when the team does not perform at the highest level, when the ground is dry like the Sahara and the wind is blowing like madness and you are on a ship over there on the sea, it is really difficult to make an impression.

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“So if you run out of pace or change position, that’s it. Now we are talking about these players are not putting enough pressure on the top 11? Or are they not close enough?

“Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, if not in your first XI, he played incredible games for this club. He won the single game almost against City a year or two ago. He is not the worst footballer since then. It’s not easy.

“I can’t judge people on a game where the whole team is not performing very well. I see them in training and I know that these are more than options for me, and that’s really good. “


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