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Nippon Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “NIT”), together with Otaniguchi Junior High School and Omiya Technical High School, supports the development and innovation of the fields of science and technology, creates new value, and develops human resources who will lead the future society. With the aim of nurturing students who can achieve self-actualization with confidence in today’s society, we are working on junior high school and university STEAMS educational collaboration classes.
The workshop will be held this time as the final session of four collaborative classes on the theme of robotics engineering. Using teaching materials developed by the university and Omiya Technical High School, 220 students from Otaniguchi Junior High School will experience four themes such as robot programming at the same time.

・Sunday and November 29, 4 (fire) 13:55-15:45
・ Venue: Saitama Municipal Otaniguchi Junior High School Address: 21 Hirogayato, Minami-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

◆ Implementation school
・Nippon Institute of Technology 1 teacher and 15 students
・Saitama Municipal Otaniguchi Junior High School, 6 teachers and about 220 students
・Prefectural Omiya Technical High School 1 teacher and 20 students

◆Experience theme
(1) Teaching materials developed by Omiya Technical High School
・ Let’s think about a collision prevention system for self-driving cars ・・・・・・ Photo 1
・ Let’s think about a flight system that focuses on gliding ・・・・・・・・・・ Photo 2

(2) Teaching materials developed by Nippon Institute of Technology
・ Let’s think about how to control the robot arm ・・・ Photo 3
・ Let’s think about a passive walking robot using gravity ・・・・・・ Photo 4

◆ Background of the initiative
In collaboration with Otaniguchi Junior High School and Omiya Technical High School, which have long had close ties in science and technology education, under the cooperation and supervision of the university, a total of four STEAMS educational classes for junior high school students were held on the theme of robotics. are being implemented. This includes the “Future education for realizing the well-being of each individual (commissioned by the Saitama City Board of Education)” at Oyaguchi Junior High School, “STEAMS TIME at Oyaguchi Junior High School” and “Meister High School Project (Monbukagakusho)” at Omiya Technical High School. It is also aimed at enhancing the “Ministry of Science designation”.
In the first session, a lecture by a faculty member from our university will be held to not only help students understand how robots work, but also broaden their perspectives on social issues and give them a direction to think about how to solve them (such as SDGs and robotics). In the 2nd and 3rd sessions, group work was carried out to propose and present “useful robots”. In this final session, we will hold a workshop on programming and manufacturing related to robotics in order to actually touch things and further promote understanding.

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◆ Inquiries
Nippon Institute of Technology Faculty of Advanced Engineering Department of Robotics Yasuhiro Kushihashi
[Phone]0480-33-7718 (direct)

Nippon Institute of Technology Planning Office
[Phone]0480-33-7519 (direct)

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