Jun Fukamachi, Akira Wada|Excavation of a phantom live sound source! 2 CD set “SUPER DUO Live” which recorded the heated concert held at Shikoku University Music Hall in February 2006 – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The sound source of Jun Fukamachi and Akira Wada’s “DUO” concert held at “Shikoku University Music Hall” in February 2006 will be released as “SUPER DUO Live”!

In the mid-1970s, two musicians, Jun Fukamachi (1946-2010), created the dawn of Japan’s pioneering crossover/fusion, and in the 1980s began working together in the legendary band KEEP. ) and Akira Wada (1956-2021).

The two, who were 10 years apart in age, resonated musically, and in parallel with activities, they also started a “DUO” session with keyboard and guitar. Since then, no official recording has been left, but after a quarter of a century, the first DUO album “Digit Cafe” was released in December 2005, and a few months later on February 19, 2006, “Shikoku University A live performance was held at the music hall, but the sound source was excavated in recent years. The heated performance on the day was a phantom live sound source that neither Fukamachi nor Wada wanted to make into a CD.

2 CDs, W paper jacket specification.

domestic CD


01. Digit Cafe(6:57) 02. CRESENDO(10:30) 03. FFF(Fukamchi Formation or Flat Float)(11:51) 04. Enter Meikyu(13:29)
01. Departure In The Dark(9:56)
02. The Other Side Of Horizon(10:22)
03. Sad Moment(9:39)
04. Accomplice(10:18)
05. Twin Sphere(11:26)

All songs composed:
Jun Fukamachi

Synthesizer: Jun Fukamachi Guitar: Akira Wada

Recorded Live on February 19, 2006 at Shikoku University Music Hall, Tokushima, Japan

Engineers: Akira Ymashita, Shusaku Osaka

Director: Kunihiro Watanabe (W-AGENCY)

Jazz Masterpiece Reprint/Reissue

Instant Disk Audio

CD record

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