Julien Courbet: shocked by an act of cruelty to a dog, he challenges the government

On Wednesday August 3, 2022, a man threw a dog from the 4th floor following a violent altercation. An act of cruelty that Julien Courbet severely condemned. On Twitter this August 5, 2022, the host ranted and challenged the government on the animal cause.

Julien Courbet, knight serving the widow and… the animals! The mediator and eternal justice of It can happen to you on RTL has struck again. As summer sounds the season for abandonment and shelters are saturated with the influx of mistreated animals, the famous animator did not fail to react in the face of these intolerable behaviors that make life difficult for our little companions. Enough is enough, Julien Courbet did not hesitate for a single second to use his notoriety to alert the government on the animal cause.

Julien Courbet does not only do justice to honest citizens. The columnist also campaigns for the animal cause. On July 25, 2022, he had also wanted to present to his followers the new recruit of the Courbet team. A little Labrador named Simone that he proudly exhibits on the networks to the delight of dog lovers. In a post published on Instagram, the boss of the paf had encouraged his subscribers to adopt an animal from a shelter with the hashtag #adoptezunchien. An adoption to give a little balm to the heart of the journalist, touched by a family drama. Since then, Julien Courbet has not lost an opportunity to raise public awareness of the animal cause by setting an example himself.

My fight is the animals“: Julien Courbet committed against animal abuse

On Wednesday August 3, 2022, a man threw a dog from the 4th floor. An unforgivable gesture that cost the life of the poor animal and that Julien Courbet does not intend to let pass! “It takes prison for the one who threw his dog from the 4th floor and publicize this sanction so that it serves as a lesson to others“, severely denounced the columnist on Twitter. Faced with the government’s inaction, Julien Courbet wanted to issue the alert and challenged the executive: “A major TV radio campaign against animal abuse would be welcome. When will a government take care of that?” he continued.

This declaration did not fail to arouse the reactions of Internet users and in particular of its detractors. “When will there be the same indignation for the staff suspended without unemployment without RSA without support, all that for an ineffective injection?”, Wrote one of them, to which the animal lover replied: “My fight is the animals, yours is something else, it’s democracy everyone’s freedom, in fact I do what I want“. A commitment assumed in favor of the animal cause like many other personalities. Will the government be sensitive to the call of the vigilante of the PAF?

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